Boxter VR

Technologies used:

Boxter VR is a Virtual Reality puzzle game. Use a VR headset to rotate and arrange all game cubes to reveal the hidden image.

The gameplay: you are presented with a set ot game cubes, which you are expected to rotate and arrange to reveal a hidden image. One puzzle gives you 6 different images to arrange. And best of all, you are fully immersed in the game - 360 degree images, natural movement and behavior.

The app: it is built native and tracks head movements using your phone's (or tablet's) gyroscope and accelerometer. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Paid version is coming out soon, that will be packed with even more features, so check back soon for updates.

Update: Enoy the Boxter VR Euro 2016 edition, now available on the iOS App Store. All 24 teams and 10 venues are present in the app. Choose your group and solve the team puzzle.

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